MotorEasy are creating a completely new way to run your car.

Within their portal, it's now possible to easily manage every aspect of your motoring life - Warranty, Servicing, Repairs, MOT, Diagnostics, GAP Insurance, even leasing, to name just some of the myriad services on offer. With such a new proposition, MotorEasy needed to create a buzz quickly, whilst also sticking to strict customer acquisition targets.

What We Did

Using a combination of targeted spot and sponsorship airtime, we simultaneously grew brand awareness whilst driving response in a cost-effective way. Traditionally, sponsorship has been considered a brand medium, but we matched the brand’s objectives to a niche sponsorship, which helped it act as a lead generation tool. MotorEasy sponsored Driving Entertainment on DAVE - over 35 hours of content a week - for a year. The sheer number of bumpers enabled the brand to introduce a variety of services to potential customers and helped generate triple digit year-on-year growth.

Credit: Happy Hour Productions

Credit: Happy Hour Productions