JanePlan.com came to us as an emerging diet delivery brand, looking to advertise on television for the first time.

While they wanted to create an effective campaign in terms of generating orders, Jane Plan also needed to be correctly positioned as a quality, premium brand, and become established as a leader in sector.

What We Did

We have enjoyed being part of the Jane Plan success story since 2013. DRTV has been the backbone of their growth, with constant testing, analysis and refinement being key. By keeping the DRTV media buying, DRTV creative and paid search all under one roof, the campaign in more joined up and therefore more effective.

The most recent creative modernises the brand and effectively broadens the appeal.


In 2013 we sought to grow the brand and increase customer acquisition with a TV and digital marketing campaign. This had the effect of both increasing awareness of our company and driving traffic to our website, where we were able to share fantastic success stories and explain our unique offering.

Through this strategy we developed a response model, allowing us grow in a sustainable and predictable way. Our sector* share of voice on TV grew from just 9% in 2014 to 89% in 2019 (to the end of June). This, in turn, has translated into us being the most searched for brand in the sector, with searches throughout 2019 for Jane Plan being more than double that of Diet Chef, the previous market leader and our closest competitor.